About Us

Hello and welcome to MAL Knives,

I’ve created this website as a resource for all of those poor home (or restaurant) chefs that are tired and frustrated of dealing with dull knives.

I have been there and I understand your pain.  For years I would simply use a knife until it was too dull.  Then I would stick it in a drawer and forget about it.  Eventually I had a drawer full of knives worth well over $1000.

It finally dawned on me to figure out a way to quickly restore all my knives to their factory sharpness.  I did a whole bunch of research to find the best ones.

In fact, along the way I learned quite a bit about knives and how to properly sharpen them.  At Keep It Sharp I hope to pass along some of this knowledge to chefs like yourself who want to know the best way to maintain their important and expensive equipment.

Please feel free leave questions and post feedback.  I’m happy to review more knife sharpeners and even other kitchen gadgets by request.  All you have to do is ask.