Benchmade 765 Review: Monolock Thumbstud Folding Knife

benchmade 765 folding knife

After the success of last year's 761 folding knife, Benchmade has come out with slightly smaller version dubbed the 765.

At a Glance

One of the first things you'll notice is that the thumb assist open only works for right-handed folks.  Unfortunately there's no way to change this on the 765.

The blade is made of M390 super stainless steel.  M390 is a powder metalurgy stainless steel produced by Bohler.  It is considered one of the most durable steel's out there.  The composition of alloys used in M390 allow it to be polished to a mirror finish with excellent edge retention.

The blade is just shy of 3 1/4" in length.  It's thickness is 0.115".  When open the overall length of the knife is 7.46"

The handle is made of titanium, as is the clip.  The clip is reversible allowing for both a tip up or tip down configuration. 

The blade style is a drop point and it has a satin finish.

Our Benchmark 765 Review

The 765 makes for a pretty solid everyday carry knife.  The ball-bearing blade action is smooth and even throughout the opening motion. 

The lock bar tension for closing the knife is strong enough to properly lock into place without making it difficult to retract the blade.

The detent offers enough resistance to keep the blade safely closed, but with just a bit of pressure on the thumb stud the blade smoothly swings out.  It almost feels as though it's assisted.​

Out of the box the blade is razor sharp.  It glides through newspaper effortlessly and with very little in the way toothiness. 

The balance of the blade is spot on. 

Just behind the pivot there's a slight depression in the handle.  It is at this point where the center of the blade resides.

At just 3.16 ounces the 765 feels both light and very strong.  The .41" thick handle is well contoured.  If you're looking for the best tactical folding knife, you can't go wrong with the 765.  ​

balance point on the Benchmade 765

Final Thoughts

Overall the 765 is a thoughtfully designed and very well executed everyday carry knife.  The one complaint we have is the clip is a bit rigid and can make it difficult to get it into and out of your pocket if you're wearing jeans.

That said, the action on the blade is as smooth as any knife we've tested.  The locking bar offers the perfect amount of resistance.  On top of that it comes razor sharp out of the box.

If the 761 was too large for your needs take a close look at the 765.  Along with the North Fork this is one of our favorite Benchmade knives.