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Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro

smiths electric edge pro sharpenerThe Edge Pro offers one of the most important features a knife sharpener can have, the ability to adjust the angle based on the knife you’re sharpening. The speed and accuracy of this unit is second to none, allowing you to restore a factory edge or better to your knives in minutes


The Smith’s Adjustable Edge Pro is certainly not the cheapest electric sharpener out there, but it’s impressive performance and a long list of features set it apart from other competitors in this price range.  This is why it won top honors for electric models in our sharpener competition.

The biggest advantage this unit has over it’s competition, and what sold us on it, is the ability to adjust the sharpening angle.  This allows you to keep the factory angle on your blades.  This is ideal for a host of reasons.

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Here’s a quick video of the unit in action.


The interlocking sharpening wheels use both diamond and ceramic sharpening materials and provide consistent pressure on both sides of the blade as it passes through allowing for very precise sharpening.

Easy to adjust sharpening angle allowing for incredible flexibility.  There is a dial on the top that shows angles from 10 to 30.  Simply choose the angle based on your knife.

Smith's Adjustable Closeup.jpg

Easily sharpens a wide variety of knives and blade materials.  Carbon, stainless steel, and other alloys are no problem at all.

Manual pull slot for serrated blades.


One of the limitations of this unit is that in is not to be used on Japanese style knives.  Theses knives are only sharpened on one side.  Since the Edge Pro sharpens both sides simultaneously, it will ruin one sided blades.

Ceramic blades should not be sharpened with this product.

Serrated blades are not a problem though.  Rather than using the main slot, there is a manual slot that pulls out of the side.  It can handle both large and small blades.

Final Verdict:

From a functional standpoint the Edge Pro is very user friendly.  Selecting an angle is as simple as turning the dial on the top.  It is color coded to denote angles typically used for kitchen knives and those used for hunting knives.

The accurate sharpening process and the ability to select your sharpening angle is key to helping extend the usable life of your knives.  We give the Edge Pro five stars

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Our Rating
Smith's Adjustable Edge Pro
10 to 30 Degrees
Diamond & Ceramic
4.3 out of 5
Chef's Choice Angle Select
15 or 20 Degrees
Diamond & Strop-Like
4.3 out of 5
Chef'sChoice Trizor EdgeSelect
15 Degrees
Diamond & Strop-Like
4.2 out of 5

We also like the Trizor from Chef’s Choice, but the inability to select the sharpening angle was the main reason it came in second place.