Lansky Compact Pocket Knife Sharpener

Lansky quick fixAny serious cook should have a serious knife sharpener in their arsenal of kitchen tools, but sometimes your blades just need a quick touch up.  That’s where the Lansky Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener shines.

Lansky has been making excellent sharpening tools for decades, and this piece is no exception.  Just make sure you understand it’s limitations, and it will serve you well in keeping your blades up to a surgical sharpness.


The Quick Fix is comprised of two sharpening technologies.  One side is a tungsten carbide that will quickly hone your blade to a fine edge.  The flip side of the sharpener is ceramic.  It’s purpose is to smooth the edge of the blade, ensuring a lasting keen.

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The molded rubber grip ensures a solid and no-slip functionality.  And the compact size means that you can take it with you anywhere.  It will easily fit in a backpack, tackle box or even your pocket.  The price is small too.

A Few Tips on Using the Quick Fix

This tool isn’t meant to replace your other knife sharpeners.  In fact, if you’re trying to sharpen a dull blade with it, you’ll probably be disappointed with the results.

Where this piece really shines is in restoring an edge to a blade that’s already in reasonably good condition.  The tungsten carbide side isn’t rough enough to damage dings or nicks in a blade.  For a damaged blade, you’ll need a more serious sharpening system.  But it’s perfect for a quick touch up on a blade that already has a good, clean edge.

Using the right amount of pressure is also important.  Since you’re not trying to grind down the blade and raise a bur with this sharpener, only light pressure is needed.  Using too much pressure can cause imperfections in the blade that this sharpener will be unable to fix.  Just something to keep in mind.

All in all, a great little tool that you can take with you anywhere.

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