We Review the Shun Classic 8 inch Chef’s Knife

classic 8 inch chefs knife from shun

For anyone buying his or her first Japanese kitchen knife, Shun DM0706 Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is a solid purchase.  In addition to it’s incredible looks, the Classic offers great performance and solid durability.

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One complaint with new users of Japanese knives is that they can chip or break.  Usually this results from improper usage.  These knives are specifically designed for cutting and slicing fish, poultry and vegetables.  They are not intended for cutting bones or hard vegetables like acorn squash.  This causes the steel to flex and this is when breaking and chipping happens.

When used for it’s intended purpose this knife works like a dream. It is well balanced, accurate, and consistent.

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  • The Shun DM0706 Classic 8-Inch chef’s knife is made from a particular 32-layered type of pure stainless Damascus steel, used in the past to make Samurai swords. Its core layer is made of V-Gold-10-steel. This makes the knife extremely sharp, hard and highly anti-corrosion.
  • The knife’s blade has a convex cut makes it so sharp that it can cut the thickest material and one can use it for as long as one needs.
  • Its sharpness also makes for easy slicing.
  • Very sharp, slices with ease lifetime warranty with Free sharpening


  • It has a short lifespan what with the sudden appearance of v-shaped grooves that are quick to form on the blade. This means sending the knife to the Company in Oregon, which is free (customer must pay shipping).
  • pretty pricey.
  • It is not dishwasher-safe.
  • It is only meant for right handed people.

Final Verdict:

If the search is on for the perfect knife for cutting vegetables, fish, and poultry this is a phenomenal product.  It was our top rated knife in our Shun Knives Review Comparison.  If you’re looking for a product capable of being used on harder foods such as bone, you’re better off looking at a Western style knife.

The price may seem steep, but it is inline with other Japanese knives of this quality.  However, being a Japanese product, end users can rely on its quality and performance and expect it to perform at its best lifelong.  Anyone mulling over buying this product will be happy to know that some users have found it to be just as good eight years after purchasing it.

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This classic knife is easy to sharpen and keeps a sharp edge for long. It comes with a core comprising VG-10 “Super Steel” accompanied by a 16-layer Damascus cladding of a high content of carbon stainless steel on each side, totaling to 32.

The knife gets an earthy beauty thanks to the wood grain effect, while also enhancing its capabilities by making it highly stain-resistant and durable. It also minimizes friction while cutting.

Sharpening can be handled by shipping the knife to Shun, or with a sharpener capable of matching the 16 degree blade angle.

The core of the knife blade is built to have high-carbon VG-10, the gold standard in steel from Japan for cutlery. It is reputed for its superior capacity to stay sharp for long.

Shun knives are created to have a 16˚ angle so their sharpness is unbeatable. In fact, their sharpness is far beyond that of conventional European knives that are sharpened to have a 20˚-22˚ angle.

It is the second in a range of three sizes– six inches, eight inches and 10 inches. Its size is perfect whether one is cutting or dicing meat, fish, vegetables or fruits or any other foods.

Microscopic air pockets emerge due to the cladding process which serve to reduce any friction when slicing.

Users experience comfort and are in full control while using the knife due to its D-shaped handle that fits well within the palm. It is also well-shaped so that its handle remains safe in the hand when in use.

This knife is available in D-shaped handle style or by order in reverse D-shaped style.

Its wooden handles are certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for use in hotel and other commercial establishments.

It has a hardness rating of 60-61 which means its sharp edge is highly durable.

It has a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information you can check out on Shun’s website.

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