Wicked Edge Pro I and II Knife Sharpening Systems Reviewed

For those whose passion is knives, a higher quality knife sharpening system is a necessity. They know that it’s about creating a sharp and durable edge that will extend the life of the blade.

And the Wicked Edge Pro Packs meet the needs of the most demanding knife specialists. These kits include everything you need to sharpen any type of knife to a seriously keen edge.

Let’s take a closer look at these two kits to show what you get with each.

Wicked Edge Pro Pack 1 Review

Based on the Precision Sharpener, the Pro Pack 1 includes a large number of accessories, making it a complete package for amateur or professional knife sharpeners alike. Although we have covered the precision sharpener in our best sharpening system showdown, it’s worth going over the details of this highly efficient sharpener again.

Unlike most knife sharpening systems that use a single stone, the this system uses two stones simultaneously. The blade is securely clamped to the heavy duty base. Once secured, the proper stones can be selected and clamped to the sharpening arms. You can then quickly sharpen both sides of the blade.

The angle at which you sharpen the blade is can be set between 15 and 30 degrees.  Once it’s locked in, you no longer have to worry about it. Simply work your way through the progression of stones until the blade reaches the level of sharpness you’re looking for.

Here’s a quick video that demonstrates the motion of the stones along the edge of the blade.

What set’s this package apart from the standard kit is the number of accessories that come with it. Here’s a quick run down of what you get with the Pro Pack 1 that you don’t get when you order the standard package.

  • Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener (includes 2 each of 100, 200, 400 and 600 grit diamond stones)
  • Paperstone Mounting Base
  • Extra Fine 800 Grit / Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond Stones Pack
  • 5/3.5 Diamond and Leather Strops Pack

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While this package is a good deal if you’ve already got most of the peripheral equipment needed for professional sharpening, the Pro Pack II is the whole enchilada.

Wicked Edge Pro Pack 2 Review

This package contains pretty much everything you could possibly need to sharpen knives to a professional standard. Here’s a rundown of what you get in the Pack 2 that you don’t get with either of the other two bundles.

  • Micro fine 1.4 Micron / 0.6 Micron Ceramic Stone Kit
  • 1.0/0.5 Micron Diamond and Leather Strops Pack
  • Granite base
  • Extended base rod
  • Riser block
  • Upgraded ball joint guide rod assembly
  • Digital Angle Gauge

All this comes at a price. It’s one of the most expensive sharpening systems we’ve tested to date.

That being said, it is practically everything you need to start a professional knife sharpening service. And there is literally nothing you cannot sharpen with device as it will allow you to set the angle to anything you like. So for those that want the custom control and the ability to sharpen to a razor-like edge there is no better product on the market. Combine that with the speed of being able to sharpen both sides of any blade simultaneously and you’ve got a very powerful product.

So if you’re in the market for a product that is professional grade take a closer look at these two packages. While they are on the pricier side, you definitely get your money’s worth.

For more reviews on stone based sharpening systems check out our Edge Pro Apex product review as well as our review of the KME Precision system.

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Here’s another quick video on the basic motion to be used with the sharpener.

For more information check out the Wicked Edge website.

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