Our Zelite Infinity 8″ Chef’s Knife Review

zelite infinity 8

With it’s distinctive patterns of banding the Zelite Infinity has the beautiful look of a Damascas steel Japanese knife. The laminated high-carbon steel blade is resistant to shattering and is capable of being honed to a VERY sharp, resilient edge.

The bolster is large and easy to grasp with a pinch grip.  The contoured handle is both comfortable and perfectly balanced.

Our Zelite Infinity Chef's Knife Review

The blade came razor sharp out of the box which is always a point that excites a chef.  The blade is 12 degrees per side which is typical of Asian knives and it will hold its edge for a very long time.

Believe it or not, a sharp knife is a safer knife as it means you need less force to cut the food and the blade is less likely to slip off which could cause an injury.

It uses Japanese VG10 Super Steel clad with 33-layers per side of SUS410 high carbon stainless steel finished with a mirror polished Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern.

zelite infinity package

The blade angle of 12 degrees offers razor sharpness and superb edge holding abilities and hold the Asian side. Yet, the weight, balance and overall feel for strength and power, resembles more of a Western Knife.

Similar to the Wüsthof Classic, this blade offers heft that feels durable and solid. However, that weight is perfectly balanced right across the bolster which makes your cutting work a pleasure exerting much less fatigue on your wrist and hand. The handle is ergonomically designed and very comfortable . It has a rounded design and the shape makes it an absolute pleasure to hold.

My one complaint is about the bolster.  It tapers forward from the top of the knife to the bottom.  This makes for an awkward ​pinch grip that I wasn't really able to get comfortable with.

Handle feel and balance of the knife are equally as important as sharpness and edge holding ability in my opinion, especially if you use your knife a lot. It is made from G10 military grade steel that is triple riveted to the high carbon stainless steel frame with authentic Japanese rivets.

The exposed layers of steel (small surface imperfections) is supposed to help with foods getting stuck to the blade.  Personally, I didn't notice any difference between this and the more traditional models.

The knife arrives in a stunning magnetic gift box with a red felt inlay and the knife comes with a protective plastic tip guard. From the second you pick the box up you know you have something of quality on your hands. The artwork on the box is designed around a metallic silver effect.


  • Stain and rust resistant
  • Long lasting, premium razor sharp, Japanese steel blade
  • Well balanced with comfortable handel


  • Bolster makes for awkward pinch grip.
  • Belly of the blade is quite rounded, requires some getting used to.

Maintenance and Care

Properly maintaining this knife is not particularly difficult.  Zelite mentions that it is dishwasher safe, but this should be avoided as it is a surefire way to quickly dull the edge. A quick hand-wash and towel dry will do the job and keep those nice patterns on the blade shining.

Keeping the edge in shape is also pretty straight forward.  Just a few swipes on the steel and it should bring it back to it's former glory.   The blade angle is sharp enough that most electric sharpeners won't work.  You'll want to use something like the Edge Pro or take it to a professional for sharpening if it becomes dull.

Final Verdict

The Zelite Infinity knife offers extreme balance, heft and general feel of premium quality. Asian knives are typically much lighter than their western counterparts but the Zelite Infinity Chef Knife is a perfect fit between an Asian and Western Knife. While it didn’t place in our best chef's knife competition, it still offers solid performance and a very unique look.