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15 Simple and Creative Ways to Store Your Knives

Your knives are a serious investment. How you store them is important in maintaining a sharp edge and a unblemished blade. Throwing them all into a drawer is a great way to ruin them and perhaps even end up with sliced finger.

Here are 15 creative and clever ways to store your knives, keeping them razor sharp and organized.

Traditional Kitchen by Boucherville Kitchen & Bath Designers Gepetto
Everything is within easy reach of your prep area. The wood block surrounding these knives helps to ensure the blades are dulled as they are inserted and withdrawn for use.

Traditional Kitchen by Wayzata Design-Build Firms Hendel Homes
Another clever in counter top storage method, these knives are easy to reach for adults, but far enough back to keep the kids from getting to them. With such a prime location in your kitchen you’ll want to make sure to only keep the good knives out.

Rustic Kitchen by Denver Cabinets & Cabinetry Kitchens by Wedgewood
This slide out knife block saves tons of counter space. It’s got space for every type of knife out there and it’s conveniently located right below the work space. Storing your knives under counter is a great way to maintain the clean lines in your kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen by Salt Lake City Interior Designers & Decorators enzy design
This clever design incorporates storage for your knives and cleaning supplies. The angled slots allow for easier removal of your knives. The depth of the drawer allows for storage of everything from chef’s and bread knives to steak knives and honing rods.

Craftsman Kitchen by Howard Lake Cabinets & Cabinetry Dura Supreme Cabinetry
Here’s another example of slide out knife storage system. It’s important that the block is made of wood to protect the edge of your blades as they are inserted and removed. Harder materials like stone and metal can damage the bevel of the blade and reduce the knife’s usable life.

By Wake The Tree
Strong magnets hidden throughout this piece ensure your knives are secure. The wood finish adds elegance and helps to protect the edge on your knives. Installation is a snap too as the magnets hold the wood inside it’s own bracket.

Contemporary Kitchen by Wellesley Kitchen & Bath Designers Divine Design+Build
A simple and classic on-wall magnetized strip can be a great way to keep your knives in easy reach. 2 caveats: you’ll have to keep the organized and looking nice since they’re always on display. And use care when removing the knives so as to avoid dulling the edge.

M.O.C. Board Wenge Magnetic Knife Holder traditional-knife-storage
This magnetic strip has a beautiful wood look to it. Great for kitchens where stainless might not be an option. The wood also helps protect the edge of the blade as you attach and remove it from the magnetized strip.

Contemporary Knife Storage by Poway Furniture & Accessories Stratus Culinary, LLC / Ken Onion Culinary Design
This clever counter top knife storage is great for those showcase pieces like this Ken Onion knife. While it’s not practical for a large number of knives, it is a great way to keep your favorite knife in an easy-to-reach location.

Traditional Kitchen by Howard Lake Cabinets & Cabinetry Dura Supreme Cabinetry
This drawer is simple and clean. All the knives are easily identified and accessible. Just be sure you’re happy with the knives you have since these slots don’t allow for a great deal of wiggle room on size.

Transitional Kitchen by Tacoma Kitchen & Bath Designers Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC
This slender in cabinet storage block is easy to access and holds a variety of knives. The wood block is beautiful and protects the edge of the blades. It’s important to consider little one’s with a design like this. Kids can get into this knife drawer just as easily as adults.

Modern Spaces by Howard Lake Cabinets & Cabinetry Dura Supreme Cabinetry
Here’s a drawer within a drawer that incorporates storage for all of your cutlery. Silverware goes on top, and the knives are accessed by sliding the top out of the way. It’s a highly efficient use of space. It also lets you quickly and easily identify your knives since you can see the entire blade.

Contemporary Kitchen by Columbus Interior Designers & Decorators Susan Brook Interiors
This custom knife drawer offers flexibility and convenience. It’s located right next to the cutting board that has been integrated into the counter top. All the slots are the same size so a wide variety of knives can be stored here. The slots are also made of wood which helps protect your blades.

Contemporary Knife Storage by Los Angeles Kitchen & Bath Fixtures DaSalla’s

This wooden insert from W├╝sthof allows you to use one of your existing drawers to store more knives. There’s nothing worse than piling all your knives into one drawer with nothing between them. You’ll end up with duller edges and scratched blades in no time.

S-Box Knife Box contemporary-knife-storage

You’ve seen pop-up TV’s, now there are pop-up knife blocks as well. The touch of your finger causes this block to rise up for easy knife selection and stows them away when they’re not needed. Great for kitchens with minimal counters space.

How you choose to store your knives plays an important role in keeping them sharp. Any one of these solutions is a great way to keep your knives sharp, and keep you kitchen free of clutter.