Work Sharp WS3000 Review: The Best Tool Sharpener Around

We haven’t covered too many tool sharpeners in our various knife sharpener reviews so far.  But keeping a sharp edge on your tools is just as important as maintaining the edge on your knives.  To that end, we’re taking a look at the Work Sharp WS3000.  Considered by some to be the best wood tool sharpener on the market, this piece offers both high quality and great functionality.


This sharpener is loaded with features for the serious woodworker. Here’s a quick rundown. By utilizing a sharpening port, this tool eliminates the need for jigs. It allows for a consistent 20°, 25°, 30°, and 35° angle on whatever tool you’re sharpening. The sharpening port can handle blades from 1/8″ up to 2″ in width. This tool also allows you to quickly and easily re-hone tools with a consistent 5° micro-bevel. As you remove the tool from the port, a ceramic abrasive automatically removes the bur from the blade, ensuring a both a razor sharp edge and a smooth finish.

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If you need to sharpen tools larger than 2″, there is a separate wide blade attachment that can be purchased. This enables you to sharpen tools that are up to 3″ in width.


The WS3000 really shines when it comes to sharpening curved edges. Utilizing a feature they call the Edge-Vision wheel, you can clearly see where the edge is making contact with the sharpener. This allows for a consistent edge all along the blade of the tool. It works extremely well for both curved or ‘v’ shaped blades.

Rather than using a standard grinding wheel the WS3000 uses tempered glass wheels to which you attached adhesive backed abrasive pads. This ensures that the wheels are always true and don’t wear down in heavily utilized areas. Each wheel can accept two abrasive pads and the product ships with 2 wheels. This allows you to have 4 grits available at all times. The abrasive pads are 6″ and are standard sizes.

The dry sharpening system is also pretty innovative. Rather than using oils, the machine uses the airflow from the 1/5 horsepower motor to remove material from the wheel as you sharpen. There is also an integrated heat sink that helps to ensure that your tools won’t overheat.

Keeping the metal cool is crucial to ensure the temper of the blade isn’t damage during the sharpening process.  This can lead to inconsistencies in the hardness of the steel making it brittle right along the cutting edge.  You can read more about tempering and why you should be careful when sharpening here.

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